Taste a Little of the Summer

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Taste a Litthe of the Summer: Eating Locally, Living Sustainably

Earth Care Working Group

 The making of this book was a joint venture by people living in and around Iowa City, Iowa. This volume is our local, down-home response to a planetary crisis. Beginning at the grassroots level seems to be one of the best ways to effect change. So even though this volume is neither slick nor sophisticated, it is our own truly local contribution, a collection of practices promoting sustainability, especially related to winter eating.

 The focus of this book is food. It is something that is imporant to all of us. From the first section, which addresses the broader subject of living with a smaller footprint, we move to a section on our food resources and the possibility of growing some of our own. Then come sections on preserving food for winter use in all kinds of ways. And finally there are recipes for using the food you saved for winter eating. All of these pages come from folks who actually do the things they write about, so at least for them, these strategies, instructions and recipes work.



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