A Friend for Otter (Kobo eBook)

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  1. A MAGICAL STORY FOR READERS OF ALL AGES: This father/child duo’s debut novel brings to life a magical odyssey that spans their different experiences and ages to appeal to any reader with a love of good storytelling.
  2. A VIEW OF REAL SOCIETAL ILLS THROUGH THE LENS OF A MAGICAL WORLD: Otter is an orphan girl forced to work in a factory where children are treated as disposable. She looks different from everyone around her and so remains an outsider even after she escapes. Hers is a provocative story that confronts readers with social inequality and exploitation from a fresh perspective. A Friend for Otter in this way offers the clarity that can come with distance.
  3. STRONG GIRLS IN THE SPOTLIGHT: From beginning to end, A Friend for Otteris the story of a strong independent girl who takes charge of a life and destiny she cannot tolerate.
Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781950301508
Publisher: Quill
Publication Date: November 28th, 2022


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