Codependent relationship: Kindle 2 edition (Paperback)

Codependent relationship: Kindle 2 edition By Craig Davis Cover Image

Codependent relationship: Kindle 2 edition (Paperback)


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Couples who evaluate the health of their relationship regularly tend to thrive better than other couples who do not engage in this practice. Relationship discord or dissatisfaction does not happen on its own. There are specific things that occur throughout the relationship that lead to increased dissatisfaction over time. Generally, couples don't have specific conversations about how things are going in the relationship. They overlook the need to discuss any important issues which could be a potential source of conflict later on. If they do, it tends to be later on when things are starting to be at their worst. And unfortunately, by then it may be too late to wipe out such sources of conflicts.
Is it you or someone else's problem? You may be codependent and find yourself in this book if, like so many others, you've let the drama of managing a loved one's self-destructive conduct cause you to lose focus on your own life. Codependent No More presents a straightforward and doable path to recovery, hope, independence, and happiness by using personal reflections, activities, and instructive anecdotes taken from Beattie's own life and the experiences of people she has counseled.

Product Details ISBN: 9798363734434
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 14th, 2022
Pages: 36
Language: English