Rise! A Girl's Struggle for More - Dyslexia friendly edition (Paperback)

Rise! A Girl's Struggle for More - Dyslexia friendly edition By DiAnn Floyd Boeym Cover Image
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Rise A Girl's Struggle for More is an old-fashioned, historical family drama-a sweet, yet edgy, coming of age story. Set in the 1920s, it is based on the life of the author's grandmother.

The main character, Ruby Pearl, is mature beyond her years, born at least a decade too soon. Growing up in a family of nine children in Oilton, Oklahoma, with her nose constantly in a book, she's the girl who would rather read than can tomatoes.

Ruby studies hard to make good grades, while her parents humor her. They encourage the courtship with her beau, Arthur, who they expect will be their son-in-law when the two graduate from high school. Ruby has loftier goals than that. She admires her momma and big sister, Rilla, the "CEOs of the household," and hopes to have children and a home of her own to manage someday, but first things first

Ruby's story unfolds amidst the backdrop of a horse and buggy town welcoming its first motor cars. She becomes a pioneer for girls her age, following the inspiration of the suffrage movement, breaking all norms, defying tradition-and her parents-to become a truly independent woman.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781989833131
ISBN-10: 1989833136
Publisher: OC Publishing
Publication Date: October 20th, 2021
Pages: 468
Language: English


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