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Frozen Secrets (Paperback)

Frozen Secrets By Myles Christensen Cover Image
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He has trouble following the rules on Earth.

This trip to Jupiter's moon could kill his curiosity for good...

Thirteen-year-old Max Parker is a grounded Earthling with the soul of a space explorer. So when he learns his family is relocating to Jupiter's moon, Europa, he readily agrees to stay out of trouble. But his promise is soon forgotten, and his snooping lands him on a shuttle doomed for a fiery disintegration.

Convinced someone sabotaged the craft to cover up the theft he witnessed, Max digs into the incident. What else could they be hiding? Dodging a series of deadly accidents, he follows the clues to an abandoned outpost and discovers a secret that could blow the lid off a moon-wide conspiracy...

Can Max solve the mystery before his interplanetary escapade gets him killed?

Frozen Secrets kicks off the thrilling, teen science fiction series, Europa Academy. If you like fearless friends, high-orbit mysteries, and immersive worlds, then you'll love this action-packed adventure.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951454012
ISBN-10: 1951454014
Publisher: Moon Zoom Press
Publication Date: January 25th, 2020
Pages: 318
Language: English