What a Muck (Paperback)

What a Muck By Linda Sachs, Katrina Sachs (Illustrator) Cover Image

What a Muck (Paperback)

By Linda Sachs, Katrina Sachs (Illustrator)


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When a child watches you, then tries to do it too, know that trouble may ensue.

Drew has been watching Papa and Mom, and now a CLICK and a CLUNK have them all in a muck. In this children's picture book, young Drew has good intentions of helping. The day begins with thoughts of having fun, but quickly things get turned upside down.

Can watching big people help fix a problem too? Can Drew know what to do in time to save Papa's truck?

Find out in this fun to read rhyming story. Filled with colourful and expressive illustrations featuring a comical car and truck. If they could talk, Drew's day may have turned out much differently.

Learn from Drew what not to do before it happens to you

"...This amusing story reminded me of reading about Curious George with all the Unintentional mishaps that Drew ends up in...I enjoyed that the book also shows children playing an active role in activities with family, which is extremely important for children's self-esteem..." -Literary Titan Editorial Review

Attentive Children

This book showcases the obvious, that children watch our every move. Children learn to speak from listening - every right and wrong word we say. They learn about the world around them through instruction and from watching you.

Drew observes Mom and knows what one button inside her car can do. Maybe? The first attempt to be helpful begins the day's troublesome journey. We learn lessons through trial and error, but Drew hopes your child will learn from the mistakes made in What a Muck.

"This book is great for sparking a conversation. Even when we have good intentions, things can go the wrong way...a sweet rhyming colourful picture book..." -Author, Medea Kalantra


A good book doesn't have to rhyme, but a good rhyming book serves an important purpose. Rhyme helps aid in a child's language and reading development. It teaches verbal and memory skills. When a child hears pitch and rhythm, they develop listening and attention skills. When a book is easy and fun, a child builds confidence in the ability to recite it. This leads to more reading. When reading is fun to hear, your child develops important academic skills, all the while being entertained.

"...a delightful rhyming book with a fun and past-paced story. I love the colorful illustrations and the expressions...a great job introducing car safety to children." -Author, Pat Black-Gould

"A Delightful Book...The rhyming text is fun and will catch the attention of a child..." -Amazon Review

Gender Identity

Drew is gender neutral, never referred to as he or she. Just a person like you and me.

About the Author

Linda Sachs writes books children and caregivers can relate to and will want to read often. She understands the importance of reading to children and developing books that children can read themselves. Sometimes it just takes one good book to spark the love for reading, and your child is off to a world of imagination and growth.

Linda thanks a school librarian and her intuitiveness to know how to spark the love of reading. She has been writing for many years, and recently entered the publishing world with her debut children's picture book, No More Pets. You can follow Linda on social media. Visit her website, https: //www.lindasachs.com and become a VIP newsletter recipient. She would.

Product Details ISBN: 9781777802103
ISBN-10: 1777802105
Publisher: Linda Sachs Books
Publication Date: May 20th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English