Dasbodh - International Edition: Spiritual Instruction for the Servant (Paperback)

Dasbodh - International Edition: Spiritual Instruction for the Servant By Saint Shri Samartha Ramdas, David Moe (Editor) Cover Image

Dasbodh - International Edition: Spiritual Instruction for the Servant (Paperback)


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Dasbodh is spiritual instruction to a servant presented in the form of a discussion between a Master and listeners. Dasbodh is unique among spiritual texts as it not only gives spiritual instruction and expositions on a broad range of principles of Advaita Vedanta, it also provides guidance on how to succeed and excel in society, business, politics and family life. In Dasbodh the reader will find much of the core teaching of Advaita Vedanta that has been collected from many scriptures. It is also considered one of the sacred texts of the lineage of Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ranjit Maharaj, the Inchgiri Sampradaya. Dasbodh is highly revered by hundreds of millions of Indian devotees over the course of the past three centuries. This great spiritual text is truly a "Grantharaj," a King among spiritual books.

Saint Samartha Ramdas is considered to be somewhat unique when compared to other previous or contemporary Maharashtran saints such as Jnanadev, Eknath, and Tukaram, in that their teachings for the most part focused exclusively on the topics Vedanta, devotion, mysticism, and spiritual practice. The teachings of Samartha Ramdas not only includes these topics, but in them, we also find messages of the importance of the wise use of positive effort, discrimination, determination, and practical shrewdness in daily life and politics. Samartha is recognized as having been a great leader and an advocate for sociopolitical and religious reforms, regeneration, and reorganization. He is well-known for promoting the ideal of establishing and maintaining a harmonious, happy, and morally healthy society supported by a solid foundation of deep spirituality.

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Publisher: Sadguru Publishing
Publication Date: July 31st, 2023
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