The Earth Family Smith: The Tumuerian Dream (Paperback)

The Earth Family Smith: The Tumuerian Dream By Chun-Tien Leung Cover Image
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Cameron is a teenage girl who, along with her family is fleeing a climate change-ravaged Earth. The Smith family are on their way to a new planet for colonization. But the three Smith children get separated from their parents, and crash land on an alien world. They are welcomed by some of the planet's inhabitants, but others see them as illegal aliens and must be deported. They have no way to return home, so deportation means death. The Smiths must now navigate the politics of Tumuera if they want to survive. Cameron will discover, home is not where you live, but where you make a better place to live.
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ISBN: 9781716951404
ISBN-10: 1716951402
Publication Date: May 9th, 2020
Pages: 314
Language: English


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