The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us (Paperback)

The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us By Carrie Gress Cover Image

The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us (Paperback)


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Feminism doesn’t empower women. It erases them.

The bestselling author of Theology of Home, Carrie Gress shows that fifty years of radical feminism have solidified the primacy of the traditionally male sphere of life and devalued the attributes, virtues, and strengths of women.

Feminism, the ideology dedicated to "smashing the patriarchy," has instead made male lives the norm for everyone. After fifty years of radical feminism, we can’t even define "woman." In this powerful new book, Carrie Gress says what cannot be said: feminism has abolished women.

Hulking "trans women" thrash female athletes. Mothers abort their baby girls. Drag queens perform obscene parodies of women. Females are enslaved for men's pleasure—or they enslave themselves. Feminism doesn’t avert these tragedies; it encourages them. The carefree binge of self-absorption has left women exploited, unhappy, dependent on the state, and at war with men. And still, feminists cling to their illusions of liberation.

But there are real answers. Real answers for real women. Carrie Gress—a wife, mother, and philosopher—punctures the myth of feminism, exposing its legacy of abuse, abandonment, and anarchy. From the serpent’s seduction of Eve to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to Kate Millett’s lust, violence, and insanity to Meghan Markle’s havoc-ridden rise to royalty, Gress presents a history as intriguing as the characters who lived it. The answers women most desperately need, she concludes, are to be found precisely where they are most afraid to look.

Only a rediscovery of true womanhood—and motherhood—can pull our society back from the brink. And happiness is possible only if women are open to making peace with men, with children, with God, and—no less difficult—with themselves. For feminism’s victims, Gress is a welcoming voice in the darkness: The door is open. The lights are on. Come home.
Carrie Gress has a doctorate in philosophy from Catholic University of America, is a fellow at the Ethic & Public Policy Center, and a Scholar at The Institute for Human Ecology at Catholic University of America. She is the author of the Theology of Home series, City of Saints (with George Weigel) and The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity. She is a regular contributor to a broad range of Catholic media, as well as to The Epoch Times and The Federalist. Gress is a married mother of five who has homeschooled for seven years and counting and lives in Virginia.
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