The Grammar of God: A Journey Into the Words and Worlds of the Bible (Compact Disc)

The Grammar of God: A Journey Into the Words and Worlds of the Bible Cover Image
By Aviya Kushner, Kirsten Potter (Narrated by)
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Aviya Kushner grew up in a Hebrew-speaking family, reading the Bible in the original Hebrew and debating its meaning over the dinner table. She knew much of it by heart - and was therefore surprised when, while getting her MFA at the University of Iowa, she took the novelist Marilynne Robinson's class on the Old Testament and discovered she barely recognized the text she thought she knew so well. Kushner began discussing the experience with Robinson, who became a mentor, and her interest in the differences between the ancient language and the modern one gradually became an obsession. In this eye-opening chronicle, Kushner tells the story of her vibrant relationship to the Bible, and along the way illustrates how the differences in translation affect our understanding of our culture's most important written work.
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ISBN: 9781681414560
ISBN-10: 1681414562
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: August 18th, 2015
Language: English


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