Ending Sexual Violence in College: A Community-Focused Approach (Hardcover)

Ending Sexual Violence in College: A Community-Focused Approach By Joanne H. Gavin, James Campbell Quick, David J. Gavin Cover Image

Ending Sexual Violence in College: A Community-Focused Approach (Hardcover)


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How do we create a culture of zero tolerance for sexual violence on college campuses?

In a world where one in five women on campus experience some form of sexual assault, what would it take to create a campus culture that was free of violence against women? From a public health perspective, sexual assault is an epidemic on campuses, but why? What is it about a campus community culture that permits or encourages this, at a time when a majority of students are now female? In this practical guide for colleges and universities, Joanne H. Gavin, James Campbell Quick, and David J. Gavin lay out a community-based model that is designed to eliminate sexual misconduct, spot it before it happens, punish its perpetrators, support its victims/survivors, and end this epidemic.

Ending Sexual Violence in College is a prescriptive guide for creating a campus culture that is intolerant of sexual misconduct regardless of who is involved or the context in which it happens. A culture of intolerance, the authors argue, does not consider the role or status of either the perpetrator or victim/survivor. Rather, this culture protects all members. Using a public health model with an emphasis on prevention to create this cultural change, the book utilizes psychological and organizational research to understand the challenges of making these changes while enhancing the odds of permanent cultural change for the better.

Designed to spur community-wide conversations on how we can make our campuses safe from sexual violence, this book's preventive approach allows communities to self-monitor. The authors include case studies of institutions that have not been proactive in putting programs in place to protect students, as well as examples of institutions that are effectively addressing these problems. Aimed at college administrators and Title IX coordinators who are responsible for leading campuses that are safe for everyone, Ending Sexual Violence in College also enables those who work or live on a college campus to take an active role in making the campus safer.

Joanne H. Gavin is the associate dean for undergraduate programs and a professor of management at Marist College. She is a trained Title IX investigator and adjudicator. James Campbell Quick is a Distinguished University Professor and professor emeritus at the University of Texas at Arlington and a professor at the University of Manchester. David J. Gavin is an associate professor of management and MBA director at Marist College. He had a long career leading companies in several different industries.
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Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2021
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