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jessica Care moore writes that she writes to remind herself that she is a writer. Yet her writing has always leaped from the page like a healthy compulsion. To read her work is to understand that there are writer's who do so for their very survival; to cope, to process, to keep from killing. (To see her perform her work is another experience altogether---her powerful, sometimes rapid delivery can feel like a shower of bombs). She writes about the poet's diary as a time capsule for others to find and rewind, imagining that she may one day be torn from her page but with jessica there is no distance between who she is and her page, her work. Any future excavation of her work would likely summon her fire-throwing ghost itself. She breathes and bleeds for her poems, and we are all made anew by her sacrifice.
--dream hampton, filmmaker, journalist

About the Author

jessica Care moore is an internationally recognized poet, playwright and performance artist. She is the author of three plays, The Revolutions in the Ladies Room, Alphaphobia and her forthcoming multi media show, God is Not an American. She is the CEO of Moore Black Press, and is the author of The Words Don t Fit in My Mouth, The Alphabet Verses The Ghetto and God is Not an American.
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ISBN: 9780965830867
Publisher: Moore Black Press Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: April 10th, 2009
Pages: 200


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