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In this enormously funny, smart, and moving contemporary YA novel, fighting for the thing you love doesn't always turn out like in the movies.

"Hilarious, big-hearted, poignant...An unadulterated triumph." --Jeff Zentner, author of The Serpent King

Movies have always helped Ethan Ashby make sense of the world. So when developers swoop in and say the classic Green Street Cinema is going to be destroyed to make room for luxury condos, Ethan is ready for battle. And so a motley crew of cinema employees comes together to save the place they love:

     There's Sweet Lou, the elderly organist with a penchant for not-so-sweet language; Anjo, the too-cool projectionist; Griffin and Lucas, who work concessions, if they work at all; and Ethan, their manager (who can barely manage his own life). Still, it's going to take a movie miracle for the Green Street to have a happy ending. And when Raina Allen, Ethan's oldest friend (and possible soul mate?), comes back to town after working in Hollywood--cue lights and music--it seems that miracle may have been delivered. But life and love aren't always like in the movies.

     This Book Is Not Yet Rated is about growing up, letting go, and realizing love hides in plain view--in the places that shape us, the people who raise us, the first loves who leave us, and the lives that fade in and fade out all around us.

About the Author

Peter Bognanni is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop. His debut novel, The House of Tomorrow, won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for first fiction and the ALA Alex Award and has been adapted into a feature film. He teaches creative writing at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Praise For…

“A hilarious, big-hearted, poignant love letter to movies and the people who love them, but most of all to love itself. With vibrant characters and sparkling wit, This Book Is Not Yet Rated feels like nestling in and waiting for your favorite movie to start. An unadulterated triumph.” —Jeff Zentner, author of The Serpent King

★ “Bognanni does a particularly fine job individualizing Ethan, who's struggling with so many different issues, yet is wry and hopeful, idealistic, and finally, realistic. A strong supporting cast contributes both the wisdom of elders and the zaniness of youth, while Ethan and Raina's awkward and sweet relationship-dance makes for a tender core. . . . Film aficionados and fans of John Green will especially like this one.” —Booklist (starred review)

"A beautifully written look at first love and first loss and the unexpected places we choose to call home. Bognanni’s meditation on the healing power of art will have you rooting for the Green Street Cinema, its charming band of misfits, and for Ethan most of all.” —Julie Buxbaum, author of What to Say Next

“Fittingly, This Book Is Not Yet Rated feels like a Netflix binge. It pulls you in, holds you, and makes you want to avoid the outside world until the credits roll. A funny and moving winner.” —Adi Alsaid, author of Never Always Sometimes

“This is everything I adore as a reader, everything I strive for as a writer. At once hilarious and heart-wrenching, ridiculous and ridiculously moving, it’s a wholly authentic ode to filmmaking, to the cast of weirdos that make up a family, and to the complexity of grief and healing. I cannot get over how much I love this book.” —Jared Reck, author of A Short History of the Girl Next Door

“Young film buffs will appreciate the extensive knowledge of film terminology and movies of all kinds that Bognanni (Things I’m Seeing Without You) exhibits in this sweet love story with a quest at its heart.” —Publishers Weekly

“As in the best tried-and-true tales of movie valor, Ethan and his friends bravely take on each obstacle only to be faced with new ones. As they do, Ethan learns vital information about his past, his father, and why movies meant so much to him . . . A character-driven story of grief and growth.” —Kirkus

"Chapter 1 provides the “establishing shot.” The next few chapters reel you in. Ethan’s obsession with the Green Street and Raina’s uncertainty about her budding Hollywood career are equally absorbing. . . . Bognanni’s sophomore novel is quirky and fun, and film buffs, especially Steve McQueen fans, will totally enjoy it. All you need is the organ music." —VOYA
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ISBN: 9780735228085
ISBN-10: 0735228086
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: April 7th, 2020
Pages: 352


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