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Sunlight Through Bullet Holes by Jessica Care Moore is a book of poetry you want and need in your collection. Hailing from Detroit, Moore mixes observation with passion and brevity. It s black intelligence filtered through rhythm and blues, so her siren songs melt into you. But what is she saying? That Detroit is having hard times magnified by the wider economic drought (or is it doubt?) of the United States. That she wishes her son a better life than one where Trayvon Martin wasn't just last year and what s happening this year isn't much better. That sometimes a woman needs time to be a woman with a man and their time may be fleeting and he may be Mr. Wrong during too much of it. Moore explores that her son is a blessing. She laments the agents of change coming for her city, erasing old for new. Yet there are so many other poems here, and such beautifully poignant syntax, that it may be too easy to say deep. Get it.
Brook Stephenson

About the Author

jessica Care moore is the CEO of Moore Black Press, Executive Producer of Black WOMEN Rock!, and founder of the literacy-driven, Jess Care Moore Foundation. An internationally renowned poet, playwright, performance artist and producer, she is the 2013 Alain Locke Award Recipient from the Detroit Institute of Arts. moore is the author of The Words Don't Fit in My Mouth, The Alphabet Verses The Ghetto, God is Not an American, Sunlight Through Bullet Holes, and a memoir, Love is Not The Enemy.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780615997247
Publisher: Moore Black Press Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: October 20th, 2014
Pages: 166


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