2184½: A Graphic Novel

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By Thomas C. Jackson and Fritz McDonald

In 2184½ the Deconstructed States of America look like a cross between The Road Warrior and Catch-22. They are ruled over by the Ones, descendants of today’s one percent who are amassing power in a supposedly powerless country. A radically shrunken land mass destroyed by environmental disasters, the country is home to Tribes fighting for scarce resources. And they are disappearing.

In this world, a young biker mechanic of mysterious origin rises. One day Amanda (going by her adopted name) encounters a dying man lost in the desert who claims he “made her.” Her life is forever changed.  As she undertakes a journey across a ruined country to search for answers to the Ones’ real plans, will she discover the truth about her origins? Uncover a vast, nation-wide underground resistance movement? Bring the Tribes back together again and save the country?

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